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19.01.2010 - 31.12.2011

Since 2009, Stephan Huber’s (born in 1952 in Lindenberg, Allgäu) “Shadow Speaker” has been setting a surprising accent in the foyer of Kunstmuseum Bonn. The artist counts among Germany’s most important sculptors, his work connecting biographic references with visually overwhelming baroque and theatrical esthetics, psychoanalysis and ironic dissociation. The figure, which will be on display at Kunstmuseum until the end of 2011, presents two lifelike versions of the artist: one version is an incarnate doubleganger of Huber, the other a grotesque ventriloquist’s dummy on the doubleganger’s arm. The dummy apparently reveals information about the artist in the third person and involves the visitor in a controversial discussion about art.

Stephan Huber, Shadow Speaker, 2008, various materials