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Rhenish Expressionists - Paul Adolf Seehaus

An exhibition series at Kunstmuseum Bonn

14.01. - 04.07.2011

The history of Kunstmuseum Bonn as a collection of 20th century art began in 1949 with the acquisition of works by August Macke and other Rhenish Expressionists. This part of classical modernism is still of great importance to the work of the museum which permanently displays main works by Rhenish Expressionists in three of its exhibition spaces dedicated to the collection.

In order to point up the positions of less well-known Rhenish artists, Kunstmuseum Bonn will present within its collection a selection from the oeuvres of artists like Hans Thuar, Paul Adolf Seehaus, F.M. Jansen, Heinrich Nauen, Franz Seraph Henseler, Hein­rich Campendonk and others in a loose biennial rhythm. In addition to paintings, information on the artists’ lives and works as well as graphic works and documents like letters and photographs from the museum’s collection will be shown.

At present the museum shows works by Paul Adolf Seehaus.

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Paul Adolf Seehaus, Wiek bei Greifswald, 1916