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Kunstpreis Start - Max Frisinger


08.12.2011 - 01.07.2012

Max Frisinger (*1980, lives in Berlin) is this year’s winner of KUNSTPREIS START which was founded in 2011 and sets its focus on the connection of architecture and art. The award addresses young aspiring German artists whose task is to create an installation which adapts to the building’s architecture and which is to be presented in the museum’s central stairwell. The award is complemented by the competition GESTALTE DEINE STADT!, a call for Bonn’s citizens to creatively deal with their social environment.

For KUNSTPREIS START 2011 Max Frisinger has created a colossal sculptural installation which dominates the museum’s foyer and invites the visitors to step closer. The installation of the sculpture was preceeded by a research phase of several weeks, during which the artist collected a great number of different objects and finds from the Bonn area, supported by numerous Bonn-based institutions and companies. With his artwork, Max Frisinger makes a strong statement against the architecture’s auratic white cube atmosphere while motivating the visitor to reflect on the connection of art and society.

The jury of KUNSTPREIS START 2011 consisted of: Dr. Yilmaz Dziewior (Kunsthaus Bregenz), Dr. Susanne Gaensheimer (MMK Frankfurt / Commissioner of the awarded German pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale), Fanny Gonella (Bonner Kunstverein) as well as Prof. Dr. Stephan Berg and Dr. Stefan Gronert (Kunstmuseum Bonn) in the presence of the founders, Helmut Andreas Hartwig and Arndt Lingohr.