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We are starting early!

With this motto the Kunstmuseum Bonn is inviting children from nursery schools to discover the museum, getting to know works of art, as well as trying out materials and artistic techniques.

Teaching art to pre-school children has a tradition with us!

Already in the 1980s the Kunstmuseum Bonn began offering 10-week courses for nursery school groups, and these still take place today. Each year pre-school children take part in around 2,000 events in these workshops conducted by experienced art teachers.  In addition we offer continuing education courses for educators on early exposure to art in the fields of teaching art and creative work.

Discover Creativity!

Looking at art together with others, admiring it, experiencing the works of art with all your senses, listening to stories and making stories up yourselves, getting to know strange and fantastic things, expressing impressions and feelings, experimenting with materials as well as training manual and language abilities – the Kunstmuseum Bonn presents itself already to the youngest museum audience as a place of discovery and creativity.

Museums and Kindergartens

In 2010 Kunstmuseum Bonn and six other German museums participted in the project "Museums and Kindergartens" supported by Bundesverband Museumspädagogik e.V. The 73 method cards (designed on the occasion of this projekt) are supposed to inform, inspire and contribute to the erarly cultural education in musuems.

Klick here for more information! www.museen-und-kindergaerten.de