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Youth Workshop with Construction Material for (Un)safe Rooms

12.05. - 25.08.2013

“Home Sweet Home”: This saying expresses our wish for safety in our homes that are so familiar to us. Rooms should not only offer protection, but they should also be comfortable, pretty, decorated and practical. With its building materials and objects our CONSTRUCTION SITE on the museum’s basement floor offers the possibility to reflect on rooms, to reinvent, rebuild  and transform them. Between idyll and chamber of horrors: Our fantasy takes us into fairy tale-like, uncanny and odd rooms. Inspiration can be found in the comprehensive temporary exhibition “HEIMsuchung“ as well as in fairy tales and other stories.
We invite all young and old handymen and –women, DIYers, architects and builders to visit our CONSTRUCTION SITE!

Opening: Sunday, 12 May 2013, 12 p.m.

Möbel und Werkstoffe in "Wohnkästen"