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29.04.2010 - 23.01.2011

In 2009, the Art Award, which was modified in 2008, was given to Alexander Braun who spent his 3-month studio scholarship supported by Bonn-based IVG-Immobilien AG in Vienna where he prepared his exhibition now shown at Kunstmuseum Bonn.

WienerWalden is the sequel to Alexander Braun’s earlier project Walden in which he refers to Henry David Thoreau’s book of the same title (1854). Johann Strauß’ waltz (1868) and Ödön van Horváth’s play (1931) Tales from the Vienna Woods play an important role in Braun’s recent project on the Vienna Woods which on the one hand is a lyrical idealization and on the other hand a dismantling of the idyll which Horváth refers to as folk play.

Braun’s earlier works within the Walden project are characterized by the same ambivalence: Abstract strokes of color can be regarded as tree trunks and the calligraphic flow creates an illusion of the forest.

The concrete and the artificial are confronted with each other in Braun’s oeuvre. Excerpts are occasionally included in his paintings that rather remind us of drawings and participate in the artistic discourse. Will WienerWalden also become an intellectual experiment with poetic aspects? The exhibition will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalog designed by the artist himself.

Opening: November 17, 2010