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Video Art

The video collection of the Kunstmuseum is reckoned as being among the most important of its kind in Germany. This applies in particular to the film and video art of the 1960s and 70s, which is represented in Bonn in superb quality and quantity. This is not lastly due to the Cologne gallery owner and patron of the arts Ingrid Oppenheim, who willed to the Kunstmuseum nearly 400 works by pioneers of video art, tapes by Joan Jonas, Alan Kaprow, Dennis Oppenheim, Peter Campus, Les Levine, Klaus vom Bruch, Marcel Odenbach, and Ulrike Rosenbach. 

These and further works of video art have been presented in the Odeon Installation since 2006, an architectonic sculpture that takes hold of space, and yet may be entered at the same time, by the Munich artist Stefan Eberstadt. The visitor has two service terminals at his disposal, where he can call up DVDs and watch them on a screen.