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Hurrah, the new MUSEUMARTCASE is here!

The new MUSEUMARTCASE promises a rich tour experience through the Kunstmuseum's regular collection.  In the case you will find colored pencils for many of the works of art on exhibit, directions, plastic sheets, and other materials. Here you can:

  • Find out about grids
  • Discover the lines of your hand and draw them on wallpaper patterns,
  • Continue painting a picture by August Macke,
  • Lay out pictures with red string,
  • Create window pictures with plastic sheets,
  • Draw upside down,
  • Put together your own treasure box,
  • Compose pictures in a new way,
  • Draw after a picture quote,
  • Find words for pictures or write wordless pictures.

For children from five years of age and up, accompanied by curious adults, with classmates, friends, siblings, parents, grandparents...

Rental fee per child: 1 Euro