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Acquisitions and Donations from the Photography Collection

26.03. - 07.09.2014

In 1994, the Kunstmuseum Bonn began to integrate photography into its exhibition program on a regular basis. The exhibition “Revelation and Enchantment” reflects the traces that the systematic engagement in the field of photography has left in the museum’s collection. In addition to works that have been shown in the permanent collection throughout the last years (e.g. Blume, Klauke, Sasse, Gursky, Demand or Gefeller), the exhibition will include photographs that were donated or acquired by the museum during the last 20 years and that have never or seldom been exhibited before.


Apart from several discoveries in the field of American and German photography of the 1970s (Les Krims, Duane Michals, Sigmar Polke), the selection made for the exhibition will mainly concentrate on photographs from the 1990s. The show will reveal numerous different techniques and concepts of truth in contemporary photography. While Roman Signer’s photographs, for example, serve as a documentation of performances, sculptor Hetum Gruber makes use of the medium’s abstract effect. Michael Wesely and Dieter Rübsaamen use photography in a similarly media-reflective way. The works of Christoph Muller, Thomas Florschuetz and Renate Brandt have both a documentary and magically narrative character, Thomas Struth, on the contrary, presents urban contexts in an unemotional way, encouraging critical reflection.


Opening: Wednesday, 11 June 2014, 8 p.m.

Kopfbild (Ausschnitt) und oben: Katharina Mayer, getürkt, 1912-96, jeweils aus einer Serie von 20 C-Prints