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Remote Proximity

>Nature< in Contemporary Art

21.01.2010 - 15.11.2009

Art is the opposite of nature. However, there is no other subject that art deals with more frequently than with nature. On the basis of works by 20 international artists, the exhibition Ferne Nähe (=Distant Proximity) will examine the way in which contemporary art imitates, distorts, explores and uses nature and how it envisages itself while evoking nature as an elementary force. Installations, objects, paintings, photos and films show attempts to overcome the distance. Furthermore, these works convey the awareness that >nature< is a cultural construction, a projection screen for ideas, values and feelings, that it is our invention. This exhibition does not turn the works by Marie José Burki, Mark Dion, Peter Doig, Andreas Eriksson, Anya Gallaccio, Rodney Graham, Barnaby Hosking, Rosmarie Laing, Axel Lieber, Christian Löhr, Thomas Mulcaire, Tony Matelli, Roxy Paine, Daniel Richter, Su-Mei Tse, Klaus Weber and others into one stringent story. However, it suggests the depth of the topic which demonstrates that nature is both innate and otherworldly, and both familiar and foreign.

[Translate to Englisch:] Su-Mei Tse, L’écho, 2003 &copy; Su-Mei Tse