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The Videonale association in Bonn started its work in 1984 organizing an international festival and competition for video art every two years. The Videonale is today one of the oldest and renowned festivals for video art in Germany and Europe. It regards itself as a platform for both young and upcoming artists and well-established ones.

The association was at first located at the Bonner Kunstverein but moved to the Kunstmuseum Bonn in 2004. The festival is an essential part of the Videonale, but since the relocation special attention has been paid on the parallel exhibition of video art in the rooms of the Kunstmuseum Bonn. 

The Videonale is known for its quality of presented works as well as its emphasis on researching and developing new forms of presentation of video art in a museum space. For every Videonale a new team of designers and architects is invited to develop a new exhibition architecture.

During the meanwhile seven week exhibition about 50 works from around the world selected by an international jury of experts are shown in the museum's rooms. Festival and exhibition are accompanied by a varied program: a symposium, work shops, lectures, presentations of art students and co-operations with universities as well as specific educational programs for all kinds of visitors. The festival program thereby provides a comprehensive insight into the contemporary art practice as well as into the current debates on video art