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Dear Visitor,

there are a number of reasons why the Kunstmuseum Bonn enjoys a unique position within Germany's museum landscape.

With one of the internationally most important collections of German art  - “based on the seminal inventory of works by August Macke“ -, the Kunstmuseum disposes over a collection profile that is unparalleled throughout the country. The collection focuses on the Rhenish Expressionists, German Art after 1945 including Joseph Beuys' Multiples as well as graphic art including photography and the video center Ingrid Oppenheim. The museum's relevance has been steadily growing over the past decades. In this development, one of the special features of Bonn's collecting policies has been to refrain from attempts to document German art with a claim to encyclopedic scope, but rather concentrate on a manageable number of eminent artists, and then purchase from them entire groups of works and ensembles.

One emphasis our Museum has established in this undertaking is to explore the potentials for development in painting. Our current activities are largely geared towards expanding previous research on the immanent and self-referential features of the picture with a focus on the social context and the social-political reality. As far as the museum's exhibitions and collections are concerned, additional special emphasis has been put on presentations and purchases in the field of photography and media art. Furthermore, we pay special attention to crossovers in media art and to the interfaces between the individual media.

As a Museum focusing on the development of German art before the backdrop perspective of international exhibition programs, all of our endeavors aim at defining the Kunstmuseum Bonn as a location where, on a regional, national, and international level, important artistic issues and positions are highlighted, reflected upon, and with respect to future developments, anticipated as well so that this Museum is firmly established in the public consciousness as one of the major museums and exhibition locations in the Federal Republic of Germany.