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1-day ticket€ 7,00€ 3,50
Group ticket
10+ people, per ticket
€ 5,60€ 2,80
Family ticket€ 14,00
Annual ticket€ 40,00€ 20,00

Reduced admission

for juveniles, students, those doing military or community service, Bonn-Card holders.

Free admission
for all visitors up to and including 18 years of age and members of the Museum Society ICOM, members of the Kunstmuseum's "Verein der Freunde".

Admission for guided tours and workshops

Guided tours
max. 30 people

germanother languages
60 minutes€ 50,00€ 60,00
90 minutes€ 60,00€ 70,00

Guided tours for children and juveniles

for children and juvenils in groups more than 10 participants from public institutions

60 min. guided tour without workshop part€ 2,50 each participant
90 min. guided tour with workshop part€ 3,00 each participant

Visitors' Rules of Conduct l  Kunstmuseum Bonn