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The Art of Transformation

30.05. - 25.08.2019

People have always been fascinated by masks in all erasand cultures. When placed upon the face, a mask changesits wearer into someone or something new while simultaneouslyoffering protection and connecting the individualwith the outer world.

Especially in the visual arts of modernism, in the movementsof Dada, Surrealism and Expressionism, there wasgreat interest in masks. Artists such as Hannah Höch,Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Meret Oppenheim and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff took up the theme repeatedly. After the art ofmodernism, it is the art of our present era that focusseswith remarkable frequency on the mask and its paradoxicalpossibilities of revelation and concealment, of disguiseand (digital) self-optimization, thereby treating themes ofparticular importance in a society which generates newfaces non-stop in both the real and virtual realms.

This exhibition of international modern and contemporaryart turns its attention to the masked individual as well asto the performative act of the individual wearing a mask inits social and political context. With high-quality loans andsome new works produced for it specifically, the exhibitioncovering more than 850 square meters inquires into howartists integrate and transform characteristics and issuesassociated with masks in their own creative production.

With works by Ed Atkins, Kader Attia, Claude Cahun, Eli Cortiñas, Theo Eshetu, Hannah Höch, Cindy Sherman,Wiebke Siem, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Rosemarie Trockel,Meret Oppenheim, Lavinia Schulz et al.

Opening: Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 7 p.m.

Kopfbild oben: Miriam Cahn, Untitled,1996 (Detail); oben rechts: Wiebke Siem, ohne Titel, 2001, Schaumstoff, Stoff, Abachiholz, Leinengarn; Sammlung Kerstin Hiller und Helmut Schmelzer, Leihgabe im Neuen Museum Nürnberg, Foto: Stefan Alber

Gauri Gill, Untitled, (31) from Acts of Appearance, 2015-ongoing Archival pigment print, Ed. 7 + 1 AP, 16 x 24 Inch; © die Künstlerin

Thorsten Brinkmann, El Curtaisse, 2018, Archival Pigment Print, 127 x 95 cm; © Thorsten Brinkmann / courtesy FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2019