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Nanne Meyer

Good Grounds

27.06. - 06.10.2019

For the last almost 40 years the artist Nanne Meyer, who was born in Hamburg in 1953 and lives in Berlin today, has dedicated herself entirely to the genre of drawing. This focus has resulted in a multifaceted oeuvre that through the line explores the different aspects, forms and materials of the graphical and extends it into the painterly and object-like. Apart from pencil and colored pencil, chalk and ink, Nanne Meyer uses emulsion paint, gouache, lacquer, everyday objects, maps, educational books and templates which she draws on and thus transforms into their very own picture reality.

Drawing is thinking and at the same time it is working on an open picture vocabulary of the real and possible. Nanne Meyer designs an unstable map of the world which neither defines anything nor is it ever finished, it gains its presence and productivity out of fluctuation, transformation, addition and reduction. Hence, the artist creates series like Wandlungen, Luftblicke, Verwischtes, Begraute, Lineament mit Worten and Jahrbücher, which discuss the relation between line and object, picture and language.

The exhibition, which has been realized in close cooperation with the artist, will include works from the 1980s onwards as well as drawings that have been especially created for the show. This presentation will be the most comprehensive overview of Nanne Meyer’s rich work which with a great amount of imagination opens up new possibilities for the genre of drawing.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a substantial publication available from Hatje Cantz Verlag. The catalogue will introduce Nanne Meyer’s work by means of selected topics and in chronological order and will contain essays by Volker Adolphs, Michael Glasmeier and Nicola von Velsen.

Kopfbild oben: Nanne Meyer, Wir, 2004, Gouache auf Buchseite mit Landkarte, 32,2 x 45,4 cm, © Nanne Meyer, Foto: Farbanalyse, Köln; oben rechts: Nanne Meyer, Stadtplan für Mädchen, 1997, Dispersionsfarbe, Farbstift und Gouache auf Schnittmusterbogen, 52,5 x 67 cm, Privatbesitz, Köln , © Nanne Meyer, Foto: Farbanalyse, Köln

Nanne Meyer, Überwurfmutter, 2003, Blei- und Farbstift, Collage auf Papier, 29,7 x 42 cm, © Nanne Meyer, Foto: Patrizia Bach

Nanne Meyer, Begraute, 1999-2004, Öl- und Wachskreide auf Ansichtskarte, 10,5 x 15 cm, © Nanne Meyer, Foto: Patrizia Bach