Nico Randel & Camillo Grewe, Dass in mir eine Sehnsucht erwacht, 2021

Nico Randel & Camillo Grewe


Nico Randel’s work is characterized by personal stories and comments, which he translates into scripts, stage designs, storyboards, lettering and performances. Especially his typefaces seem like verbatim moods of the artist. Black slogans and comments on a white background testify to Randel’s artistic directness and the humor with which he confronts our society’s issues.

In September 2022 Nico Randel used the Goldstein Galerie in Frankfurt a. M. as a studio together with Cologne-based artist Camillo Grewe, and dedicated himself to the overarching theme of “Über das Arbeiten” (About Working). As part of the residency at Atelier Goldstein, the video diary “Alles im Lot!” was created, in which both artists reflect on the theme of “work” in film.

The titular installation “Dass in mir eine Sehnsucht erwacht” (2021) is also the result of an artistic exchange between Nico Randel and Camillo Grewe. The work centers on a long-term project by Nico Randel, in which he uses different approaches to work on a story about a father-son relationship. “In the exhibition by Camillo and me, you see a kind of storyboard made of papier-mâché models. It’s for an animated film about people and lions that I’m going to create in the future. It’s about a story where a lion son is looking for his father.” (Nico Randel)

Randel translated the story as a script, an audio book, in paintings and drawings, and sculptural models in which he depicts the story’s settings in papier-mâché. He then arranges the models on shelves in his studio. Following this, Camillo Grewe has developed a room within a room that replicates this situation. Randel’s papier-mâché models are thus presented as a storyboard in a walk-in installation.

Nico Randel (* 1987) is an artist at Kunsthaus KAT18, an art space with studios, a project room and a gallery with coffee bar. Here artistic and cultural processes take place with the aim of improving the living conditions of the the studio community’s artists in society.

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About Kunsthaus Kat18

KUNSTHAUS KAT18 is an art space with studios, a project room and a gallery with coffee bar. Artistic and cultural processes are promoted with the aim of improving the living conditions of the studio community’s artists in society. The studio community currently consists of 24 artists with disabilities. They receive assistance in the production and distribution of their works. The goal is the development of their own and free artistic expression. The spectrum of the studio community ranges from drawing, painting, sculpture, design, performance to video art.

The exchange and cooperation with other artists and cultural institutions are an integral part. Projects, exhibitions, public discussions, readings and theater performances take place regularly.

The history of KUNSTHAUS KAT18 began in 1993 with the establishment of a ceramics workshop. Later, this became the creative workshop ALLERHAND. In May 2014, the Kunsthaus was opened by Gemeinnützige Werkstätten Köln GmbH in Cologne’s Südstadt district.

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Further cooperations with Kunsthaus KAT18

Since 2016, the Kunstmuseum Bonn, has been developing an inclusive mediation concept for workshops, together with the KUNSTHAUS KAT18 Cologne and five artists with special needs working there: IM TANDEM. This is currently being redesigned and implemented with the support of Aktion Mensch e.V. and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia/Regional Cultural Policy.


Inclusive offers of the Kunstmuseum Bonn

Information about further inclusive offers of the Kunstmuseum Bonn can be found here.

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