Tanja Geiß, Geisterbahn, installation view Kunstmuseum Bonn 2015, photo: David Ertl


We consider it part of our mission to welcome persons with varying wishes, needs and abilities into the museum. In this endeavor, we orient ourselves towards the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and we play an active role in the realization of the plan of the state capital of Bonn for participating in policies of support for disabled persons.

Already in 1992, with the opening of the museum building along the Museum Mile, the Kunstmuseum Bonn began directing a special focus of its art outreach towards reducing barriers and promoting inclusion. In our programs, an important role has been played over many years by cooperative undertakings, collaborations, sponsorships and partnerships.

An extensive program and a competent team are available for persons with limitations and special needs. In addition to open workshops, we also collaborate with various partners on individual offerings with regard to experiencing art.

Our commitment to inclusion is evident with regard to methodology, spatial aspects and personnel. From 2016 to 2018 the Kunstmuseum Bonn developed an inclusive outreach concept for workshops IM TANDEM together with the KUNSTHAUS KAT18 and five artists with need of assistance who are active there, and also through support from the Gold-Kraemer Foundation.

Please feel free to contact us about your wishes regarding museum workshops with institutions providing instruction or care, with self-help groups, with special schools and with private groups as well as regarding inclusive school-vacation offerings.


T 0228 776230




We offer ART-WORKSHOPS for persons with special needs; art conversations with an emphasis on describing pictures (for visually impaired persons) or in simple language; workshops for remedial pedagogic facilities and classes from inclusion- or special-needs-schools; as well as ongoing education in art-mediating and artistic work with persons who have special needs.

Information and Registration
T 0228 776230

With support from the Lions Club Bonn e.V.


Our museum workshops take place during the Easter, summer and autumn school vacations on successive days for a week. They focus on a special theme and are designed for children from the age of six.

For children with special needs, assistance can be requested.

Information and Registration for Assistance regarding Special Needs
Verein für körper- und mehrfachbehinderte Menschen Bonn e.V.
Beatrix Losem
T 0176 24875234

The inclusive offerings during school vacations take place in collaboration with and support from the Verein für körper- und mehrfachbehinderte Menschen Bonn e.V. and the Sparda-Bank West.

Photo: Britt Schilling


Open workshops for persons with psychological illnesses and for everyone who is interested in art.

Together we get underway on the trail of art, where we find the familiar and the unusual, the known and the strange, and then examine our impressions in this regard.

2nd Tuesday in the month, 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

In collaboration with the Gemeindepsychiatrie Bonn-Rhein-Sieg gGmbH


Museum workshops for persons with Alzheimer’s disease are offered in the framework of collaborations with caregiving facilities.
We accompany persons with Alzheimer’s disease to colors and stories about the works of art and the artists. Because art awakens all the senses; it enhances feelings and stimulates memories and conversations.
Take pleasure in the museum with its works of art and wonderful spaces. In the workshop space, prepared materials offer a possibility for relaxation and for joyfully discovering one’s own creativity.

Chairs are available in the museum; all areas are barrier-free and accessible.


Would you like to book a workshop for the guests of your institution?
We are happy to put together an individual program for daycare centers, residential homes and charitable associations. Or are you looking for an enriching offering as a family member?
Duration: 2 hours
In accordance with a decision of the Bonn City Council, admission to the museum is free .
Costs: 90 euros plus 10 euros for materials

Would you like to book advanced training for the colleagues of your facility?
For caregivers and volunteers, we offer seminars on creative work and artistic techniques. The focus is on sensitizing, valuing, experiencing trust and finding the courage to work with colors.

Information and Registration
T 0228 776230


In the framework of the program COLORS IN THE HEAD, the CAFÉ COLOR invites persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease along with their relatives and caregivers to conversations about art and to studio work.

We begin with cake and coffee in the workspace prepared for you, where there is time for personal narration and conversational exchange. During our walk through the museum, we go together with you on a journey to art and to the colors, after which there is an opportunity for you to create your own picture.
You will share relaxing experiences. Let yourself be inspired and discover your creative power. Art will offer you the gifts of joy, a sense of well-being and new experiences. You can take your own works of art home with you.

1st Saturday in the month, 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
10 euros per person, including coffee, water and cake


We would be happy to reserve a place for you:
T 0228 776230

Would you like to receive regular monthly invitations?
We would be pleased to include you in our mailing list:




From March 2016 to December 2018, the Kunstmuseum Bonn and the Kunsthaus KAT18 Gemeinnützige Werkstätten Köln GmbH developed and realized the inclusive art outreach project IM TANDEM.

Persons with disabilities should be not only guests but also protagonists at the Kunstmuseum. On the basis of the wishes and strengths of the KAT18 artists, already-existing museum formats were equipped with TANDEMs, so that the entire museum became involved in a process of transformation.

The art mediators from the Kunstmuseum work with artists from the Kunsthaus KAT18; together they look after the museum guests in the framework of the museum courses for preschool children and the family studio on Sundays. Tandem workshops had already taken place previously in the framework of the “Geisterbahn” (film), an exhibition presented in 2015 at the Kunstmuseum Bonn by the artist Tanja Geiß, who is involved with the Kunsthaus KAT18.

The publication “TANDEM IN DER KUNSTVERMITTLUNG” (“Tandem in Art Outreach”) presents the project in detail. It offers an easy-to-read introduction into the theme of the Tandems with five artists from the Kunsthaus KAT18 at the Kunstmuseum Bonn. The publication describes the steps, emphases and results of the collaboration among all participants.

The film “IM TANDEM” provides an insight into the concept and atmosphere of the work in tandem with children.

We thank the Gold-Kraemer-Stiftung for its three-year support of the project.



Disabled persons 3.50 euros
Individuals accompanying disabled persons and wheelchair users have free admission.

Fees for courses and workshops after consultation with the Education and Outreach Section. Admission to booked events is free for the accompanying person who is offering assistance.

Opening times and admission fees can vary due to temporary exhibitions. We are happy to provide you with all current information.

T 0228 776230


Access for Handicapped Visitors and Wheelchair Users
The Kunstmuseum Bonn is obstacle-free and accessible to handicapped visitors and wheelchair users. Extra-wide entrance doors may be found alongside two revolving-door entrances: at the entrances from the side of the building where the subway station is located as well as behind the museum along the Emil-Nolde-Straße. Wheelchairs and children’s strollers are available at the cloakroom on the basement floor. The elevator (width: 80 cm) is located alongside the main stairway. It allows you to reach all three levels of the museum. Our studios for workshops are in a separate building. They are situated at ground level and are easily accessible.

Corrective Glasses for Red-Green Color-Blindness
Glasses for visitors with red-green color-blindness may be borrowed at the museum ticket counter.

Handicapped-accessible toilets are located on the basement level of the museum. A medical room with a lounger for reclining is likewise available on the basement level.

Café in the Kunstmuseum
Take a break? Sort out your impressions? Do you have something to celebrate? The café is accessible from the museum vestibule as well as from the outside premises. The toilets located here can only be reached by means of stairs. The handicapped-accessible toilets on the lower level of the museum can be reached through the vestibule of the museum.



Arrival with Public Transportation

The Main Train Station in Bonn as well as all subway exits at the Museum Mile are barrier-free and accessible. An overview of all handicapped-accessible bus stops of the SWB/VRS is available at the service centers of the public transportation services.

You can also find information about handicapped-accessible bus- and subway-stops online:

SWB Bus und Bahn – ÖPNV City Map
SWB Bus und Bahn – Route Timetable
Via the easyGo app

Parking Spaces
Parking places for handicapped persons are located at the back of the museum in the Emil-Nolde-Straße. Via the Walter-Flex-Straße you reach the entrance located on the Helmut-Kohl-Allee. Two handicapped parking spaces can be found on each level of the nearby parking garage at the corner of Emil-Nolde-Straße and Joseph-Beuys-Allee.


The museums in Bonn have many inclusive offerings for you.
This brochure gives an overview of the offerings of the individual museums.

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