Auditorium, Photo: Jennifer Zumbusch

The Kunstmuseum Bonn is one of the largest museums for contemporary art and is held in high esteem throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. The new building designed by the Berlin architect Axel Schulte and opened in 1992 is considered throughout Germany to be one of the most important museum edifices built in recent decades; it has a special appeal through its outstanding architecture. For this reason, the Kunstmuseum is not only a unique setting for national and international filmic and photographic works, but also a popular event location with a particular flair.


With its spectacular staircase, the spacious foyer on the ground floor offers an excellent framework for realizing extraordinary event events and exclusive receptions for up to 200 persons—of course also with catering. As a cultural accompaniment to your event, we offer you in addition individual guided tours through the collection or the current temporary exhibitions.

With its extensive technical equipment and 198 seats, the auditorium on the basement level is especially suitable for congresses. podium discussions and concerts. Moreover, the adjoining open vestibule has enough space for providing your guests with food and drink.

We would be pleased to inform you about rental terms and free dates.

Julia Friedek
T: 0228 77-6208

The Kunstmuseum can be rented only for commercial purposes (company events, information programs, etc.). The celebration of private events such as birthdays or weddings is unfortunately not possible.

Blick vom Obergeschoss ins Foyer, ©HeidelbergEngineering
View from the upper level into the vestibule: ©HeidelbergEngineering



You are permitted to photograph and film in the exhibition rooms for current reporting about exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum, for private studies with regard to the exhibited works of art or the architecture, and for scholarly purposes. Flash, handheld spotlight or tripod are not allowed out of consideration for the other visitors and to protect the works of art. You will find further information—also concerning copyrights—in the “Formal Obligation with regard to Photographing and Filming for Non-Commercial Purposes.” Please fill out this form and submit it at the museum ticket counter. Of course you can request the printed form right at the ticket counter.

If you would like to photograph or film for reasons other than those listed above or if is a matter of more extensive work, you must contact us in advance because of the authorization procedure and the internal coordination.

Please take note that for reasons of security, larger carrying-bags must be left in the cloak room at no charge.

Formal Obligation with regard to Photographing and Filming for Non-Commercial Purposes l PDF

Security Information l PDF


You are permitted to use the vestibule and the external premises of the Kunstmuseum Bonn as a background for your wedding pictures, portrait photos and other shootings for private purposes (without a commercial context). Depending on how long and elaborate the shooting, there is a motif-rental fee of at least 150 euros net of VAT. Every shooting is subject to an authorization process. Please contact us early on to schedule a time for the shooting and to discuss further details.


Please register planned photo-shootings and filming sessions as early as possible with our event management, so that your desired time slot can be reserved and an unproblematic workflow can be guaranteed on-site. For commercial photographs and films as well as journalistic works that do not include current reporting, there is an obligation to pay a motif-rental fee about which the Kunstmuseum and potential renters come to an agreement in advance. In order to assure legal clarity for all parties, the signing of a contract granting use of a motif is required among other things. Subsequent to the photographic or filmic work, an invoice will be issued for the agreed-upon motif-rental fee along with any expenses incurred by the museum with regard to personnel or any additional charges.

We would be happy to inform you about terms of contract and available appointments.

Julia Friedek
T: 0228 77-6208

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